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Lita Goldstein-Poehlman

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On the night of December 17, 2007, my life was forever changed. My husband Ron & I were on an airliner on the way to Israel with my rabbi & a group of about 28 others.  It was my very first time traveling overseas. One week prior to leaving I had broken my left big toe in 4 places & was in a boot, on pain medication that barely took the edge off & found it impossible to get comfortable or sleep. Read more …

Lisa Edwards

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“Why I Surgically Removed My Breasts to Avoid My Legacy” – I am currently a 31 year old woman with two beautiful daughters and very happy to be living my life.  My vision of my world wasn’t always so rosy.  I grew up with a dark cloud hanging over my head.  The big “C” word took the life of my grandmother and threatened the lives of my two aunts and my mother.  If it happened to them, what was to stop cancer from striking me as well?  I was born with a predisposition to this disease and the thought of dying plagued me constantly.   When I realized that there were ways to defy my destiny…I did just that.  No one and no disease was going to stop me. Read more …

Tiffany Reiss Seely

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“Running Scared” – I choose this title because it was the actual act of running that led me to the right people. I was 14 when I was told that my mom was sick. I was at sleep away camp and was told mom was in the hospital having a minor surgery. My dad didn’t want me to worry. The truth was she was undergoing a complete hysterectomy. At the age of 38, my mother, Shevi Reiss, was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. No signs, no symptoms, not a single person in the family prior to her was sick. Read more …

Nikki McDaniel

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“I Am No Longer Afraid”  – The following is from a speech I made in honor of my family.

What I am here to offer you today is five generations that have been affected with cancer. We do not know exactly where the BRCA2 gene originated but I will share with you what I do know. Read more …

Lori Redunski

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Hi there. My story begins when my older sister called me to tell me she found a lump on her left breast. As most caring sisters say, “It’s probably nothing”. I had a small lump on my right breast years ago and it was only a cyst, as would be hers I assumed. Unfortunately, I was wrong and she was diagnosed with stage I, triple neg. breast cancer. That was only the beginning of our Breast Cancer family history. Read more …

Rachel Hommersen

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My name is Rachel Hommersen, and I am a Canadian previvor.  A previvor does not in my case, mean you have a genetic mutation that might be harmful (or at least one that has been identified).  My family went through genetic testing and we received results last month, however, our results were somewhat ambiguous.  A BRCA2 mutation was found, but research has suggested on various fronts that our mutation could either be harmful or not.  It is called a ‘genetic mutation of unknown significance’ but more and more research is showing it to be a benign mutation and insignificant.  I need to listen to my family history as a guide and 5 cases of breast cancer speak loudly. Read more …

Brittany Hodge

By on December 11, 2010 | Category: Previvor Stories | 2 Comments

My name is Brittany, and I’m a 23-year-old previvor from Knoxville, Tennessee. I would like to share my story, but I feel like it’s necessary to begin with sharing my mom’s. In 2007, at the age of 44, my mom was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer known as “triple negative” breast cancer. This was the last thing that she or I expected to hear, because no one in our family had ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. Read more …

Episode 2: Choosing Doctors

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Follow Claudia as she meets with breast and plastic surgeons at Georgetown University Hospital in preparation of her prophylactic double mastectomy.

Megan Thomas

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My name is Megan, I am 24 years old, and am a BRCA1 carrier.  When I was 12 my Nanny past away from Ovarian Cancer, through those 12 yrs I had watched her fight breast cancer on and off. There were a few times where she was put into the intensive care unit, and was told she would not make it. Two out of the three times they were wrong. Read more …

Sue Swenson

By on October 22, 2010 | Category: Previvor Stories | 2 Comments

I am of Ashkenazi Jewish decent (my grandmother was born in Germany and was Jewish). My sister, 13 months my elder, died of breast cancer in 2002. She was diagnosed at approx 32 yrs of age.  I am now 53, and have been an engineer- project manager at IBM for 31+ yrs. Read more …


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