“Previve is about taking control of your destiny.
A young woman empowering herself to say yes to the life she loves and no to the cancer that’s trying to claim her future.”

“Previve is a uniquely powerful and timely film concept. Genetic testing is great in theory, but it can give you a horrifying glimpse into your future. You have the knowledge. There’s a time bomb ticking inside of you. Now what?”
-Maureen Dolan-Galaviz


Claudia Gilmore is a healthy 23-year-old woman threatened by cancer because of a rare genetic mutation (BRCA-1).

PREVIVE, a new documentary web series to be released in the Fall of 2010, will chronicle her extraordinary journey to defy her destiny by undergoing a major surgery: the removal of her breasts. Armed with the knowledge of her condition, this inspirational young woman has spurred a movement – the previving movement – to help people facing unexpected health challenges take control of their lives and reduce their risk of disease.

PREVIVE will debut as an online web series. It will follow Claudia’s journey, as she consults with medical experts and is forced to make gut-wrenching decisions about her body, her health and her future. PREVIVE will follow this seemingly young, healthy woman in her normal day-to-day life – hanging out with friends, looking for love, pursuing her career goals–as she prepares to cut off her own breasts to save her life.

Follow Claudia’s struggle to regain control of her destiny! Its not enough to survive… Previve.

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