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That’s a Wrap

By on April 26, 2011 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 7 Comments

I never thought I’d be able to say this, but I’m DONE!!  At 9:30am on Wednesday morning I finished what I started planning over a year ago, and now it’s all behind me.  There are no more decisions to make, no more surgeries to plan.  Now it’s time to let the incisions heal and watch the scars fade away. Read more …

Episode 6: Me and the Media

By on April 21, 2011 | Category: Featured Content,Webisodes | 3 Comments

As Claudia’s story begins to spread, she must come to terms with increased attention and publicity.

Tamara Weinmann

By on April 10, 2011 | Category: Previvor Stories | 10 Comments

My name is Tamara Weinmann and I currently live in New Jersey.  I am 33 years old, married and a mother of a 6 year old boy and 2 girls, ages 4 and 1.  I recently underwent my prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction (March 21st, 2011) and am still fresh on my journey to full reconstruction.  I am BRCA negative, but have a strong family history and have had many of my own breast ‘issues’ over the years!  I wrote this letter to my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon just last week.  It contains all my feelings and emotions and best describes where I am currently at.  If anyone would like to speak with me, I am open to sharing!  There have been so many wonderful, supportive and honest women that I have met and spoken with during this journey.  Please see my letter below. Read more …


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