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An Even Bigger Decision

By on March 31, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 3 Comments

Judge Robert Sweet is my new best friend. Yesterday, this honorable man ruled in a federal court that the patent on my genetic mutation is invalid and must be dismissed. Basically, March 29th should be made a national holiday among the high risk community. Read more …

My Big Decision

By on March 29, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 26 Comments

My name is Claudia Gilmore, I am 23 years old, and I have decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. This is a personal, intimate blog of my experiences, feelings, and decisions that will ultimately enable me to defy my destiny. I share them you in light of the fact that knowledge will forever be power. Knowledge has saved my life, and I hope that my story may one day save another.
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