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My First Screenings

By on August 17, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 3 Comments

Since the day I got my drivers license, I’ve always looked forward to my 25th birthday.  Sure, 18 was a pretty big deal because I could vote or, if I did wrong, be thrown into prison.  And 21 was a big feat, for obvious reasons.  But at 25 society would finally initiate me into the adult community.  On March 21, 2012, I could rent a car, which is the final rite of passage in this country.

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Choosing Life (and Nipples)

By on July 16, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 22 Comments

Too much time has passed since I last wrote. I’ve made some big decisions, met some incredible people, and lived some remarkable experiences. Where do I begin?? About six weeks ago, I met with two different teams of breast and plastic surgeons, who had been referred to me by my girlfriends, all pleased as punch with their new, beautiful cancer-free breasts. Read more …

A Divine Hand

By on June 1, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 5 Comments

A few weeks ago a young woman found me on facebook.  Somehow, she saw my blog.  And, for some reason, she decided to read it.  At 27 years old, Jodi Kreizer was about to have the last surgery in her breast reconstruction.  Jodi later told me that she never clicks on the links that pop up on her facebook feed.  But once my story appeared on her screen, she felt compelled to reach out to me.  And that’s just what she did.
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Lindsay’s The Bomb

By on May 24, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 4 Comments

Meeting courageous young women, survivors and previvors alike, is by far the best part about testing positive for my BRCA1 mutation and deciding to have a mastectomy. Before I got that phone call in September 2008 with the grim results, I never knew that so many young women were out there courageously defying their destinies everyday and paving the way for others, including myself. Read more …

Too Young to Die

By on May 17, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 2 Comments

The past month has been a whirlwind of incredible experiences and varying emotions. For a few weeks I completely immersed myself in spending time with my family and friends, only thinking about my mastectomy a handful of times. In fact, I nearly forgot about the big life changes heading my way. But just a few days ago, as I was walking the streets of Georgetown on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the word “mastectomy” flashed across my mind and stopped me dead in my tracks. Read more …

Race to Beat Cancer to the Chase

By on April 19, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 9 Comments

On May 8th, I’m running in my first race! And for what better cause than to fight ovarian cancer, which is the deadliest and hardest cancer to detect in women. After five relapses, my grandmother passed away from this brutal disease in June 2007. And I have her genes. Read more …

All the Little Details

By on April 12, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 10 Comments

I could feel the tears coming on. I tried to fight the urge to sob, because I was in the middle of the metro during rush hour. This is no place to have a water works show. But I was reading Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy, and it just hit me as hard and fast as the trains breezing past me on the platform. While doctors won’t be cutting off my boobs, they’re cutting them out. I’ll wake up from surgery with two large wounds where my rack used to be. What will it be like to wake up from surgery and look down to see them gone? Within weeks I’ll have them back. But they’ll never be quite the same. The thought of saying goodbye to my girls, especially in those last moments, is all too painful sometimes. The thought of all those scapels is even more painful. Read more …

Give me a Double Portion of Your Spirit

By on April 5, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 3 Comments

The day before Easter, my aunt happened to find the DVD of my grandmother’s funeral. Its been nearly three years since I’ve heard the eulogy, the hymns, and the loving testimony my father presented. As she described me on the day of my birth, my grandmother was truly “major beautiful”. She was the first female Baptist minister in Dallas, the fourth in the state of Texas, and her love knew no boundaries or obstacles. Read more …

An Even Bigger Decision

By on March 31, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 3 Comments

Judge Robert Sweet is my new best friend. Yesterday, this honorable man ruled in a federal court that the patent on my genetic mutation is invalid and must be dismissed. Basically, March 29th should be made a national holiday among the high risk community. Read more …

My Big Decision

By on March 29, 2010 | Category: Claudia's Blog | 26 Comments

My name is Claudia Gilmore, I am 23 years old, and I have decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. This is a personal, intimate blog of my experiences, feelings, and decisions that will ultimately enable me to defy my destiny. I share them you in light of the fact that knowledge will forever be power. Knowledge has saved my life, and I hope that my story may one day save another.
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